In Store Now – Cookies on Sale at Marshall’s Fenway Farmstand

Looking for Mother’s Nut Almond Butter Cookies?

Start here @ Marshall’s Fenway Farmstand.

On sale….Original, Carob and Carob Peppermint.   Find them at the checkout counter.

For hours and location…click here

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Welcome to our Ancient Kitchen

Warm from the oven!


Here at Vision’s Sown, we assert that the Ancient Kitchen is a cooking space where the rules are suspended for remembering and paying reverence            to  long forgotten food traditions.

Most traditional ingredients are set aside for wise plants that possess newly discovered nutritional value. and have sustained world cultures for centuries.  A kitchen space enchanted with vibrant colors, rich aromas, nutrient dense plants of all kinds.  Minimally processed, agrarian foodways.  

Vision’s Sown – Product Guarantee

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